Need to sell your home quickly and for top dollar?

In the Southern California Real Estate market, the number of listing in your area dramatically changes from week to week. As a potential home seller, the number one thing is: How to make your home stand out with the comparable properties that are currently on the market. In order for us to bring the most important tips to sell your home fast, we’ve compiled a list by interviewing the Top Real Estate Agents in Southern California and finding out how they’re able to sell their client’s home so quickly and for top dollar. With the data that we’ve obtained from these top producing Realtors, we’ve been able to put a list together of the top 8 Tips to sell your house fast, in any market for top dollar. As a homeowner decides to sell their house, and do so quickly, the last thing that they want is to sell if for a discounted price. Don’t sacrifice your potential profits when selling your home by using these tips to help you speed up the process and increase your bottom line profit margins. As you may know that Real Estate markets differ from location to location, but for the most part home values have rebounded in Southern California back to pre-recession prices. What’s driven this rebound you might think…? High rental rates and low mortgage interest rates. The rise in rental rates has pushed potential renters into thinking about and ultimately becoming homeowners.

8 Tips to Sell your House Fast, in any market for Top Dollar

  1. Curb Appeal
  2. Property Improvements
  3. Declutter & Depersonalize
  4. Neutralize & Stage Your Home
  5. The Price is Right…or is it?
  6. Photographer: Professional or DIY (Do-it-Yourself)
  7. Best Time to Sell
  8. F.S.B.O or hire a Real Estate Agent


Selling Tip #1: Curb Appeal

As the saying goes, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”.  Now, consider this statement and think of a potential buyer of your home driving up to your house for the first time. As a Realtor myself, I’ve been witness to countless home buyers not wanting to even look inside the home because their first impression of the house is well…not so impressive. Landscaping should be well maintained, window trims and eaves should be freshly painted, if necessary. Power wash the driveway and make sure exterior porches and walls are clean and well maintained. The house should be welcoming and inviting. The cost to cure compared to how much more money you will net once your home is sold is usually minute. In an ultra competitive market, like in Southern California, the garden/landscaping can often be the x-factor that seals the transaction. Most of the time, you the homeowner, can easily do the little things over a weekend to improve the curb appeal of your home prior to listing it for sale. If you don’t have the time, energy or skills, than hire someone. Again, the amount of money spent to present your house as well as possible to potential buyers usually well net you more money once your home sells compared to not doing anything at all.


Selling Tip #2: Property Improvements

While remodeling helps tremendously in value increase/appreciation for your home, you must be extremely careful of how much you spend and not to personalize the remodel. Remember, not everyone is going to like your style and taste. Keep it neutral. So, you might be asking: “How much should I spend on the upgrade/remodel of my home before listing it on the market to sell?” Please keep in mind that, usually, a dollar spent on remodeling usually does not net you a dollar back. This is called ROI…or Return on Investment. Meaning, that if you spend $25,000 remodeling your home, you will probably not receive that total amount back based on the final sales price. For instance, let’s say your home is worth $400,000 and you spend $25,000 upgrading/remodeling your home. Unfortunately, most home sellers think that their home is now worth $425,000, but usually this is not the case. This is why we recommend doing smaller upgrades rather than a full on remodel. Why would you spend $1 to earn $1 back? It’s going to take time to remodel, the stress behind hiring the right people for the job, etc. Changing your toilet, the faucets in your bathrooms and kitchen, fresh paint throughout the house, changing the light bulbs to brighter lighting to show your home better and brighter, etc.


Selling Tip #3: Declutter & Depersonalize

Homes that have clutter will usually discourage potential home buyers by your rooms appearing to be smaller and much less appeasing. Always keep in mind, that buyers are looking at your home with the image of their own belongings being in your home; which is difficult to do when there’s clutter everywhere. We recommend removing most if not all of your personal photos or personal collections and packing them away for the potential move. A blank canvas is usually better than your personal canvas; which we consider “Neutralizing”. If you’re going to paint your rooms, try using soft, light colors like whites, off whites and earth tones. Don’t take this personally…your one and only goal should be to sell your home fast, not matter what type of market you’re in, for the highest dollar amount possible. By doing these little things to declutter and depersonalize your home, you’re inching closer to this goal.


Selling Tip #4: Neutralize & Stage Your Home