Setting Your Asking Price

How to Get the Price You Want (and Need)…

When you decide to sell your home, setting your asking price is one of the most important decisions you will ever make.  Depending on how a buyer is made aware of your home, price is often the first thing he or she sees, and many homes are discarded by prospective buyers as not being in the appropriate price range before they’re even given a chance of a showing.

Your asking price is often your home’s “first impression”, and if you want to realize the most money you can for your home, it’s imperative that you make a good first impression.

This is not as easy as it sounds, and pricing strategy should not be taken lightly.  Pricing too high can be as costly to a homeseller as pricing too low.  Taking a look at what homes in your neighborhood have sold for is only a small part of the process and on its own is not nearly enough to help you make the best decision. This will just give you a base to work off of.

A recent study, which compiles 10 years of industry research, has resulted in a new special report entitled “Pricing Your Home:  How to Get the Price You Want (and Need)” .  This report will help you understand pricing strategy from three different angles.  When taken together this information will help you price your home to not only sell, but sell for the price you want.

You can request a copy of this free special report by simply calling (888) 500-3549 Ext. and leaving your full name and mailing address after the tone. You will not have to speak to an agent and the report will be provided for absolutely FREE. You can also complete our Instant Access Form located below.

To make sure that we send you the right information to help you in your current situation, be sure to indicate which report you want to receive.

  • If you are planning to make your move in the next 6 months or less, there are several steps you’ll need to take immediately in order to prepare yourself.  So, if you plan to make your move within 6 months or less, please ask for Report #1.
  • If you think it will be longer than 6 months before you make your move, the issues involved will be a little broader.  So, if you plan to sell in longer than 6 months, please ask for Report #2.

Again, to receive your free copy of this report, please call (888) 500-3549 Ext. , and leave us your mailing address and the report number after the tone. Please remember to speak slowly and spell any uncommon names.



Pricing Strategy Starts with Good Information

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